oh hey there antiquated technology!

I get it. Blogs are old news. However, given that I am at least 15 years behind the ball with most forms of technology, the fact that I could even put one together is something of a miracle. (insert applause here).

Who am I: Simply put, I am a graduate student. For more information on this sub (and I mean SUB) sect of humanity, please look to your nearest university campus. See that shaddowy figure lurking in the corner? The one complaining about their advisor/reading load/lack of funds/lack of social life/lack of ramen?… that could be me!

Why am I here: I have about 10 years (including those glamorous post-docs) before I become a semi-functioning member of society so, in the time old tradition of social scientists, I am going to fill the void with words. I may have no money and no marketable job skills but I have got 3 things: rants, reviews, and rabies. Okay, maybe I only have 2 of those things. I will leave it up to you to decide which.

What I plan to accomplish: My 7th grade homeroom teacher told me that I should always set short and long term goals when I begin a new venture. In the short term I plan to entertain the masses with my wit, unconventional attitude, and complete lack of humility. In the long term I hope to bore/irritate the masses, achieve some level of normalcy, and chow down on a healthy slice of humble pie.

How you can help me: Read, analyze, respond.

Where we go from here: Forward, I hope. Failing that, sideways. I was recently having a discussion with a friend about the relative merits of an army mounted a-top giant crabs. Sure, you’ve got those claws to worry about but skuttling is neither the most fearsome nor efficient means of attack. Tangent aside. Let’s do it!


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