Invigilation, Essay-Stress, and Deadpool

I am willing to admit when I have a problem… okay, I am sometimes willing to admit when I have a problem. It has recently occurred to me, for example, that under pressure I turn into a 12 year old dweeb, complete with comic books and mommy making me pancakes. As I am supposed to a respectable, well-educated, (almost) 23 year old woman … this may be something of an issue.

Just so summarize: things have accelerated rapidly in the past 2 weeks. I leave for Denmark (Copenhagen) in 11 days for the first phase of a 4 month trip abroad (1.5 months in Copenhagen, 2 months all-over Malawi, and 2 weeks in the Netherlands). While I am beyond excited about this trip, finishing up coursework for my MA is putting a cramp in my otherwise unfettered style. In the next 10 days I expect to complete 2 high-quality essays, present at a mini-conference, grade 75 undergraduate exams, and cram in something resembling a social life. So how am I coping with the stress? Well, the best answer to that question is – Deadpool.

For those of you without Wikipedia or a love of graphic novels/comic books, Deadpool is “the merc with a mouth” who Marvel so ingloriously silenced in the last X-Men movie (yeah, the one they turned into Baraka-Pool). In his more glamorous incarnation, Deadpool is a fast-talking, joke cracking, third-wall-breaking mercenary/hero whose secondary purpose in life is to entertain me when I am stressed out. I think I may be single-handedly fueling the re-resurgence of the comic industry as I seek intellectual respite from international political economy (IPE).

In any case, I am sad to say that I will be leaving Deadpool behind this week as I take a crash course in gettin-er-done. As DP says:

“My common sense is tingling”

— non-sequitur for the win!


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