A word of warning to foul-weather fans

On a topic unrelated to travel, academia, and Malawi… I think it should be known that I am a LIFE LONG Canucks fan. I have watched our boys for the last 23 years and one throw away game against the Blackhawks isn’t going to make me start doubting them.

For those of you who are behind on the times, the ‘nucks lost to Chicago tonight by a fairly depressing 7-2. Depressing yes, demoralizing no! We only have to win one of the next 3 games to put this series behind us and the next match up is on home-ice. Sure it was hard to watch them get knocked around tonight but let’s be honest — the Canucks havent been at their best this series and I trully believe that they needed a bit of a bump to throw them into action.

So to all you naysayers, debbie-downers, and bandwagon fools — boo! Canucks are comming back in Game 4 and we are going to clean the ice with those weenies from out east.

Also, I know hockey is supposed to be a reformed game but the primal Canadian in me kinda got into the Bieksa fight — so wrong and yet so right. That being said, hoping we will be back to a clean game in Vancouver… I don’t think our penalty boxes are as big as the ones in Chicago and it was getting pretty crowded in there tonight.


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