Airports: be alert, the world needs more lerts!

I am sitting in YVR waiting for my 4:00pm flight to Amsterdam and connection to Copenhagen. In general, I don’t really have anything against airports. At least, I see them as a necessary grey cloud on my way to a silver lining. That being said, they do creep me out – and not for the reason you would expect. There is something decidedly unfriendly and unnerving about these in-between places.

Case and point: woman on cellphone. She has a shiny green hard-shell suitcase, wearing incredibly crinkled jeans (folks, jeans are NOT comfortable on a plane), and is talking to someone that I truly pity. The reason: she is complaining. Loudly. and has been doing so for the past half hour. Be happy! You get to travel around the world, things can’t be that bad.

Anyways, shameless people-watching aside, I am really excited for the adventure ahead of me. I have said farewell to mom, dad, and Moe (my fluffy food-loving cat) and I am ready to go.

Catch you all on the flip side!!


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