An unauspicious start followed by a ‘slap up the head’

Things were not going well for me yesterday. KLM delayed my flight for 3 hours while they repaired a broken fuel canister (or something equally impressive and probably important) and so I missed my connecting flight from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. When I went to the front desk at YVR to check about my connection, they said flat-out that it would be taken care of by the airline. Not so much. Apparently, this “we will work it out” thing only applies for people connecting through to another flight on the same ticket. I booked my flight to Denmark at the last-minute so it was on a different reservation. The bottom line is that I ended up stranded in AMS with no ongoing ticket. The best part of the story is that KLM charged me 120 euros to re-book a flight that THEY were responsible for me missing in the first place. I was placed on the confirmed list for a 9am flight and on standby for a 5pm flight that afternoon.

My luck finally turned at 4:30 when I was notified that a single seat was available (on a fully booked flight). My ‘roommate’ Rolf picked me up at the metro station – Amagerbro, no… I can’t pronounce it – and walked me over to his apartment (where Rockwool is renting a room for me). The apartment is very hip, European, and located in a gorgeous area (though I am starting to get the impression that all of Copenhagen is this beautiful).

After turning in early (rocking the 9:30 bedtime like the good-old days) thanks to a lot of flying and a dose of melatonin (not a drug!), I was up like a rabbit at the crack of dawn. I went for a quick run around the artificial lakes that are practically in my back-yard, did a bit of yoga, and am now curled up with a cup of English-breakfast. Sitting here, with sun streaming in my window and hundreds of people biking along the streets below — I finally came to terms with how darn amazing my life is. Hope you are all having a great start to summer!!

god morgen!


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