Copenhagen: wheel be here for a while

Okay… bad bike pun aside, Copenhagen is an interesting city. I have only been here for 1 full day but I get the gist. CPH is packed to the rafters with tall, blond, attractive, well dressed hipster/yuppies and the city revolves around its bike lanes, man-made lakes, and general cleanliness.

Don’t get me wrong… it is gorgeously sunny, the parks are lovely to run around, and the people I will be working and living with seem really friendly, welcoming, and nice. That being said, I think that my solitary inclinations are too easily indulged in a city that doesn’t really have time for strangers.

I imagine that I will get a lot of work done, advance my academic career, and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. On the other hand, I don’t really see any great adventures in my near future (until, of course, I head back to Malawi at the end of may). Still, I am optimistic that I will find my way here… things tend to work out in the end.

p.s. Copenhagen is a place of ostensible affluence. Everyone is dressed to the nines (at least the “I can still bike to work in this” equivalent of the nines), shopping districts bustle and hum, and the city itself is well maintained. If I had a few more dollars in the bank I would like nothing more than to go on a frenzied spending spree. A girl can dream.


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