Om Nom Nom – Recipe 2

I genuinely believe that most cooked food is better when placed inside another food (see: turducken). Okay, so maybe Turducken is going a bit far; however, I started packing veggies etc. into mushrooms a few years ago and never looked back. So here’s a new meal from my kitchen to yours. Proof that cooking for 1 person doesn’t have to be boring.



– small portobello mushrooms
– asparagus spears (optional, adds to the texture profile)
– tomato pesto
– sliced chorizo sausage (export quality from Spain is best… or go to Spain ;*)
– cherry, grape, or some other small tomato variety
– fresh basil
– semi-soft cheese (I use Port Salut and it tastes great but different cheese would change up the dish nicely)


Preheat oven to a roasting 450F (230C).

Take the stem out of the mushrooms and sit them cap-down in a baking dish (glass, porcelain etc).

Place the other ingredients into/on top of the mushrooms. I use this order:
– asparagus (diced small, about 1/2 a thin spear per mushroom)
– tomato pesto (small spoon)
– chorizo (torn up into 1/8ths)
– tomatoes (sliced in half, slices placed face-down)
– basil (2X half leaf on each mushroom)
– cheese (one slice on top of each, should be about the same dimensions as the mushroom)

Roast in the oven for 15-20 minutes.


note: this goes well with fresh pasta or gnocchi


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