3 Websites: to keep you fit at home and on the road

One of the few things that keeps me sane on the road is exercise. It helps reset my internal clock, relieves stress, and can be a great way to get to know a new place without breaking the ban. These three websites have become integral to my own fitness goals and are 100% worth trying out.

1) Walk, Jog, Run: www.walkjogrun.net – FREE

This is a google maps based route mapping system that really has it all. Search by your starting address (anywhere in the world) and it will draw up a list of routes drawn by other users. If none of the existing routes appeal, carve out your own path with the easy to use “create a route” function. Flip between km and miles, enter times to see speed calculations, and even get a rudimentary calories burned number (if you click on this you can change your weight for more accuracy). This website is AWESOME and has totally revolutionized the way I run *or at least the direction I run…

Bottom Line: WJR is proof that technology does have a niche market for running junkies (though probably not for junkies who are running).

2) My Yoga Online: www.myyogaonline.com – $9.95/month or $89.95/year

Where else can you get unlimited yoga, pilates, and meditation instruction at such a low price. My Yoga Online has a ton of great videos (different lengths, instructors, and styles) that will get you off the couch and into downward facing dog in no time. I really like this service because (1) it allows me to try out new styles before paying the big bucks for a live class in Vancouver, (2) it is cheap and easy to use, (3) you can access the website from anywhere in the world which saves you having to translate yoga classes from ____ into English, and (4) there is no risk of embarrassing yourself if you are a beginner — something that probably holds back a lot of novice yogis.

Bottom line: MYO offers world class yoga instruction in a wide range of styles for a shockingly low price.

3) My Fitness Pal: www.myfitnesspal.com – FREE

After graduating from college with a fractured spine and lack of exercise-initiative, I put on a few buffer lbs. That is to say, I got a little chubbers. Not the end of the world but I realized after Christmas this year that I really didn’t feel as good when I was eating poorly and working out infrequently. My Fitness Pal helped me get back on my feet. The act of logging my daily caloric intake and output forced me to come to terms with my bad habits and self-awareness eventually led to change. If you want to go on a diet, this site is probably not for you; however, if you want to CHANGE your diet, you’ve come to the right place. It is hardly rocket science — I am just less likely to eat 3/4 of a chocolate cake when I have to write down that I ate 3/4 of a chocolate cake. As far as exercise goes, I really like the exercise counter on this site and the idea of setting caloric goals based on your daily level of activity and weight loss goals (I am pretty much sedentary since I sit in front of a computer reading all day) and then allowing your intake levels to fluctuate with your above-and-beyond physical activity for that day, is well thought out.

Bottom line: MFP is great if you need a reality check to jump start your weight loss and fitness goals.


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