Vancouver: a lifelong obsession

My home town has snuck in under my skin. No mater how many amazing cities I visit, nowhere will ever evoke the same heart-rending nostalgia that I feel for Vancouver. I put on some music today after work and a string of Van city indie bands sprung up on shuffle. Here is my 12 song British Columbia Nostalgia playlist:

1. Said the Whale – Curse of the Current
2. Dan Mangan – Basket
3. Vince Vaccaro – Costa Rica
4. Young and Sexy – The City You Live in is Ugly
5. Hey Ocean – Fish
6. The Be Good Tanyas – Little Birds
7. The New Pornographers – Crash Years
8. Hannah Georgas – The Beat Stuff
9. Black Mountain – Don’t Run Our Hearts Around
10. Mother Mother – O My Heart
11. The Pack AD – Crazy
12. Japandroids – Younger Us

Plus one from Copenhagen…
+ Oh Land – We Turn it Up


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