What I love about the internet — learning via. Google

I must admit that I have a serious addiction to googling. In fact, it is probably a VERY good thing that  I have left the world of modern wifi equipped cellphones behind (or really any cellphones for that matter) and exchanged it for a relative tech-free zone. That being said, my fascination with instant-gratification google knowledge (“googledge”) still leads me to some interesting places. Today – crazed Christian fundamentalism.

For 15-30 minutes tonight, I heard what could only be fireworks, thunder, or minor sequential explosions in the neighborhood. Rendered lazy by the late hour and exhausted by my Saturday working shenanigans, I decided to look up fireworks on May 21, 2011 in Copenhagen. That was a dead end so I tried explosions May 21, 2011. Interestingly enough, this led me to a frankly crazy and embarrassing (for the human race) series of websites declaring this to be the Day of Rapture according to (thanks Wikipedia) Harold Camping, a christian radio producer and “numerologist.” Given that May 21st is 50 minutes from being over here in Copenhagen, rapture better get its running shoes on or a whole country of attractive blondes are going to miss the coming of Christ.

And that really brings me to the larger point about the idiocy of pinpointing prophetic days in the age of daylight savings time. Do you think that major religious and pagan figures follow GMT? Do they adjust of daylight savings time? Am I being insensitive here? I think the bottom line is that it is one thing to believe in scripture and quite another to go out of your way to be specific and obtuse in your interpretation. Also, googledge may sweep you from Danish fireworks right into pointless rants. You have been warned.


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