Its Haarlem, not Harlem and other reasons why my lameness knows no bounds

As stereotypical as this may sound, I am just not the typical 23 year old backpacker. Okay, maybe I am and I have just been over-exposed to the soul searching, party animal crowd and have lost all perspective. Anyways, when I travel I have the following things in mind: green spaces, interesting running routes, cool museums, and if I have to admit it, shopping (not souveneirs but glorious clothing… I have a problem).

Still, I was a bit disappointed to discover that there were no spaces available in Amsterdam youth hostels this weekend (I now know that this is due to a huge gay pride event going on in the city). I settled for a Stay Okay in Haarlem (about 30 minutes outside Amsterdam by train) and have thus far been pleasantly surprised. The hostel is located on the edge of a big park (check), is conveniently close to a train station that can take me directly to Amsterdam and/or the Hague (check, check, check), and the whole place is mellow and charming.

Okay, okay. I know that I should be chomping at the bit to throw down some beers, partake in legal drug consumption, and enjoy the backpacker lifestyle… but I just don’t have it in me. Instead I will enjoy some yummy dutch cheese, go to sleep early, and spend tomorrow exploring the Netherlands in the rain.


One response to “Its Haarlem, not Harlem and other reasons why my lameness knows no bounds

  1. Remember the time we were in Belgium and couldn’t go to Amsterdam because all the hotels were booked up for the world gay games! Maybe we aren’t destined to stay in the city.

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