End of the Road

Today was my last full day in Europe. I leave for Vancouver from AMS tomorrow at noon, and not a moment too soon! Truth be told… I am tired. 2 months in Malawi, a month and a half in Copenhagen, and these past few weeks in Europe have got me hoarding my rapidly dwindling energy reserves (I am like the Malawian gov’t in that respect).

Okay, I know I shouldn’t complain. The trip has been fantastic, all-told. I have learned a great deal, gained invaluable experience, worked in a trully international setting, and even had some down time to explore. But now I am ready to go home, to see my parents, to cuddle my adorable be-moustached cat, to go to Saturna and shut out the world for a few days, to drive to Calgary and visit my besty in the north-westy, and to just kick back for the last few days of summer.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make this trip so memorable: Jonas & Hele, Helene, Augu, Kim (mostly from afar), Pete (again from a distance), Mike, James, Humphreys, Beth… etc. etc. One big huge thank you to my parents without whom this most certainly would not have been possible. Dad spotted me the plane ticket to Malawi and Mom provided emotional suppport which kept me (relatively, compared with normal Lynn) sane… I love you both.\

Catch you on the other side of the Atlantic!


2 responses to “End of the Road

  1. we are here waiting with open arms…I feel like a mother bird whose chicky has flown the nest just waiting for you to drop in and cheep at me

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