Wait… what just happened?

I think my blog is trying to tell me something. Today when I vainly checked out my “site stats,” I noticed that someone had arrived at my blog via the google search term “big awesome asses”. Lord only knows what connects large gluteous maximi with my blog but I think WordPress may have just insulted me… interesting.

I have been back in Canada for just over a week and have settled back in quite well. On the personal front I have spent a few days in langourous splendor at my cabin, met up with friends around the city, and even gone to the movies (not really something I do when travelling so it always feels like coming home). I am now taking a week to get my house in working order before driving to Calgary on Thursday, spending the weekend with my bestie, and then driving back west with my new roomate. Until then there is a lot to do… but its so nice outside that I find myself entirely unmotivated to participate in the big wide world.

Academically I am a bit nervous about the upcomming term. I have to start submitting PhD applications again and my thesis certainly isn’t going to write itself. I anticipate spending a lot of time in coffee shops and loitering around the house grumbling insanely over tureens of coffee (for when a cup just won’t do the trick). This doesn’t exactly sound like a BAD life but it probably wont be the most exciting either.

On an unrelated note, here are some choice pictures from my trip… enjoy!

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