Is she alone?

A valid question fellow Bon Iver concert goers… yes. Yes I am. Alone, moderately better off financially, and living the dream. Heads up folks, this is the 21st century… going to a concert solo will NOT make you a social pariah.

My usual act is to buy tickets to a concert and then give one away to a fan/friend. While this makes for good pre-show entertainment, it doesn’t help my bank account. This time was different. My mom snagged me two tickets to Bon Iver at the Orpheum in the peak pre-sale (good news!) But she didn’t manage to score 2 seats together (okay news) and I had a hard time convincing a friend to go to a concert and sit in a totally different part of the theatre (mixed blessing). So how did mature, 21st century woman respond? Well after a few days of pathetic weeping, I hit craigslist.

No, not for a date 🙂 for a buyer! And boy did I get a good response. 23 people emailed me looking for single tickets. (Im not the only one here sans companion), and I managed to sell a 50$ face value orchestra seat for 90$! This may not have been the best sale but I was happy and the guy seemed to be a genuine Fan.

Anyways, back to the play-by-play. Here I am at the concert, waiting for the man of the hour to hit the stage… and I feel pretty liberated. Not in a making the best of a bad situation kind of way. In a “hey, im kinda a rock star” kind of way. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends but it is nice to be surrounded by strangers for once. No need to talk, just pure enjoyment of great music. So if you ever get the chance to hit a concert alone, take the advice I was given by a friend this summer: sac up!


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