Every (wo)man has a right to a Saturday night bath. – LBJ

It has been a fairly eventful day (compared with other days that I spend reading, teaching statistics, and writing PhD statements of purpose). The three things that occupied my time the most? I thought you would never ask!

1. At about 10:30, I was petting moe (my irascible and moustachioed cat) when I noticed a spot of blood on her face. Soon I realized that she was actually bleeding from her ear. Not gonna lie, I kinda freaked out. She is old (at least 15) and she is fat and I am never really sure about her health. I rushed her to kitty ER where they patched up her ear, trimmed her claws (she had scratched herself), and did a general checkup. Rest easy friends, Moe will live to purr another day. She wasn’t particularly happy to go to the vet but she has enjoyed all of the subsequent love and affection.

2. Hiking! I love coastal British Columbia — tide pools, sea otters, stunning vistas, and lots of rock walls to scramble over. A friend and I went for a hike/off trails ramble in Lighthouse Park on Point Atkinson in West Vancouver. A great way to spend a west coast fall day.

3. Food. Mmmmm food. Burgers at the newly opened “Five Guys” in Park Royal, freshly baked pumpkin pie courtesy of yours truly, and lamb curry from India’s Oven.

All in all, a day that needed to be topped off with an hour in the bath with a good book. Its not such a tough life after all.


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