A Moe-de

Lying in bed today I began to ponder… when did my cat become one of my best friends? 16 years of love, purring, scratching, kitty snobbery, and moustachery has locked moe in a top 10 position of all-time favourite beings. Today has been a bit spooky, she didn’t eat breakfast and I didn’t notice until after the vet closed. After a 20 minute talk to her doctor on the phone I feel a bit more calm but I am reminded that we should take all possible opportunities to show appreciation for our loved ones. So I am letting my inner crazy cat lady lose… here is an ode to moe… a moe-de

Curled up in my brother’s shoe you lay,

A perfect ball of furr

You sang to me,

In warm cascading rumbles

Of mice, and joy, and sun-filled rooms

And now you doze not three feet off

And glance up sometimes

As if to say

I feel better when you’re here

I’m happy, and I’m sleepy, and I’m staying


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