Christmas, or Pearls and PJs

Well, it’s finally Christmas Day (ps. easily my favourite holiday of the year) and on this side of the Atlantic, we have already opened presents, made the requisite phone calls to sadly absent brother, and gorged ourselves on christmas pudding, lamb (a family tradition), sprouts, and yummy roast potatoes. Now that the important things have been done, it is time for a little nonsense.

Today I will spend the day reading books (I got Brett Easton Ellis’ “Glamorama” in my stocking and am now half way through and making good time), sneakily charging my way through a bag of candy, and rolling around the giant marble (about the size of a soccer ball) that I bought my father for christmas (what do you get the man who has everything…).

I may do some other things… but it is unlikely.

I am still wearing my snowman pjs but they have been classed-up by the strand of pearls that my parents bought me for christmas.

I spent about 30 minutes reading “Hyperbole and a Half” and playing solitaire before I began to entertain thoughts of writing this blog post. Even now I wonder if this is worth the time spent typing.

My cat is alone on christmas and as anyone who knows me (crazy cat lady) or my cat (awesome) will already have gleaned, I feel very guilty about this situation.

Anxiety concerning my graduate applications has not taken a winter holiday and has chased me all the way to england… how dare it.

Last night, around 7:30 pm, I was surprised by the sound of a car horn honking and a large bell clanging. I peeked outside my window (which faces the street in my parent’s Cambridge home) and was even more shocked to see Santa drive by. He was seated in the back of a tiny (as are all cars in england) pickup truck, in head to toe costume, and surrounded by a winter wonderland of garlands, lights, and fake snow. Very impressive. Note to all: next year I will be doing this… doesn’t matter where in the world I am. It was awesome.

My left foot has fallen asleep now and my book is calling my name.

That is all.

Merry Christmas!


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