Unexpected Good News

Thanks to an email received at 10am yesterday morning, I am now able to say… I will definetly be starting a PhD in Political Science this year! (waits for applause… not a saussage). I was accepted to one of my schools, with funding (undetermined amount until I receive my official acceptance letter/package), in the first round of admissions and am optimistic that this bodes well for the rest of my applications. It may be selfish, but I hope to have some options when I make my final decision (probably sometime in April) about where to spend the next 4-6 years of my life.

Above I say “unexpected” good news for two reasons. One, I did not expect to find out any admissions results so soon in the year, and two, I have had a little devil on my shoulder for the past 2 months chanting “you’re gonna get rejected, you’re gonna fail!” It is good to know that I can put that man behind me and think slightly happier thoughts for the future.

Keep your fingers crossed for me in March!


2 responses to “Unexpected Good News

  1. I also expected this news…hope you took the little negative man out and buried him in the garden or gave him to Moe to play with and eat!! Congrats

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