Is this what I sounded like a year ago?

I know these videos are so last-year but I was recently trolling the internet, looking for quasi-legitimate ways to distract myself from: 1) the breakdown of the ECHR’s Case Law Website, 2) the blandness of my upcoming conference presentation ppt (whatever… I like white!), and/or 3) the massive stack of books I recently renewed and now must read for my thesis…

Anywyas, I re-discovered this video on youtube and had a bit of a chuckle when I thought back to 4th year (Senior) Me and some of the conversations I had with my graduate applicaiton letter-writers. Admittedly, no one was as brutally honest as long-arms is in this video; however, I am 100% certain that I oozed the same over-confident, unrealistic attitude that the main character does. No matter how many people told me that Harvard only accepts super smart humanoid robots created at MIT, I could not be deterred. A year later, I think I am less cocky but probably more confident. I acknowledge that I am not a super-smart humanoid but I am hard working, committed, and a lot more certain of my research interests. Still, it’s fun to look back and laugh at past-me.


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