Big Fish. Bad Fish. Old Fish. New Fish.


This post has nothing to do with fish. In fact, I have not seen nor consumed a fish in more than a month. Still, the irreverent title-post combination seems to perfectly capture my mood today.

It has been an odd week. Filled with elation, confusion, and now the glum misery of cold-in-da-noseyness.

Sunday: Please note: I have never thought of Sunday as the first day of the week but as I am writing this on Saturday, it just made sense to make it a 7 day wrap-up. Anyways, on Sunday I had to cut water polo practice an hour short because my elbow was in excrutiating pain from the 3 hour tournament we had on Saturday. This bummed me out as I have never enjoyed watching other people play sports while I sat on the sidelines.

Monday: I drafted my MA thesis and realised that it is not going to be the epic masterpiece that I once hoped. Truth be told, I just do not have enough time to do the research that would take my baby from the realm of interesting to “you must publish this! yesterday! now! go, go, go!” Still, I am proud to have a draft in place and a serious plan for how to proceed. Something is better than nothing. I ended this day on an up-note even though I didn’t get to Water Polo (elbow still bugging me).

Tuesday: Great news… turns out that the RA working on my project before me missed approximately 4/5ths of the cases they were supposed to be gathering in excell. This was probably due to some combination of negligence, laziness, and the inexplicable fact that the relevant online records will only allow you to view 100 search results at a time. What information they had collected was poorly organized and occasionally useless. I have to start from scratch. Oh joy. Someone suggested to me that I should hire an RA from Cambodia to do the work… I seriously considered this before realising that there is a lesson to be learned here: If you want something done right, do it yourself. Not the best of days.

Wednesday: I got back to water polo practice but was disappointed to find that one of the other people in my group had been advanced to play with the “competetive” team. I may not be the best but I work hard and pull my own weight. After 4 years of NCAA Div1 and 5 years of highschool/junior/U23 rowing… I just have a hard time accepting my own athletic shortcomings. This was a bit of a bummer. Still, after practice we went out to a great little Vancouver spot called “Abigail’s Party” where I proceeded to devour a side mac and cheese (mmmm… cheesy) and a split cheesecake. My sweet tooth (the aggressive left incisor) was appeased and it was nice to spend extra time with people I really like on the team.

Thursday: Things started looking up! I received notification that my SSHRC (Canadian Graduate Scholarship worth $20thou for 4 years in the US or $35thou for 3 years in Canada) application had been forwarded to the national competition. This puts me that much closer to winning the award and easing the future burden of PhD studies (UBC received 7.7% of all awards in 2011 and a total of 84 awards… the success rate of all applications forwarded is 37.8% (or 67.2% if you are A-Listed)). Anyways, confusing statistics aside… my chances are not bad.

After finding out the good news, I headed out to gastown hot-spot “The Alibi Room” for beers and burgers with one of my water polo friends who is migrating south to spend a month with her boyfriend in California before returning to her European homeland. After dinner, we said goodbye to our other companion and headed over to “The Diamond” where we chatted and sipped glamorous cocktails: “Parliament”, “Beladonna”, “Buck Buck Mule” and my personal go-to drink: the “Old Fashioned”. After a few hours, we cabbed back to the west side, said our goodbyes, promised to keep in touch (which I actually think we will do!) and parted ways. A good day with a slightly melancholy ending.

Friday: After working on my database all day, I checked my callender and saw that I was scheduled to go to the cold play concert on the 21st. I texted my highschool friend G (who bought the tickets) and told her that I was excited for the upcomming event. She immediately let me know that I was a fool and that the concert is in April (oops!). To compensate for my confusion, we decided to go see a movie downtown. While checking showtimes, I noticed that they were playing Beauty and the Beast (the original disney version) in 3D! Ya… that so happened! My roomate (a guy and therefore less than keen to go see a classic girly dream-movie) tried to get us to change our plans before making seperate arrangements to see the new Meryl Streep movie, “The Iron Lady” with a colleague from the department. After our respective shows, we all met up in gastown at… The Diamond. This was moderately more awkward than I hoped since a) The night before I was sitting right at the bar and talking quite a bit with the staff and b) they obviously remembered me. I drove everyone home after they had a few drinks (I enjoyed the sweet sweet taste of an oft-filled water glass).

Pretty fun day! That night, however, I lay down in bed and immediately started feeling under the weather (sore/swolen throat, dizzy, exhausted).

Saturday: I woke up at about 9 feeling like I was lying under a pile of sand and simultaneously on top of ice-chips. All day my head, throat, and soul have been aching non-stop and my sole comforts are a) it is saturday so… who cares if I do nothing and b) my fluffy black-and-white companion who kept the blues away with her rumbling purr and insistence on sleeping curled up against me. It isn’t really so bad and I hope to be back in action tomorrow. If not, Monday at the latest since I recently found out that I will be taking on a half-TAship for the same quant methods class that I taught last term. Another student in the department had to drop their TAship so after a bit of re-shuffling, I am back in the computer lab and back in the hot-seat on Monday. Yikes!

Anyways. A week of big ups and bad downs. Of old troubles and new thrills. Maybe it does have something to do with fish after all.


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