Did you lose a lot of blood, or are you normally this loopy?

Well… that sucked.

Danger... I will MESS YOU UP!

I decided to make lasagna from scratch for my roomates tonight and paid the price for my spontaneous generosity… and then some. I have recently discovered the magic that is the mandolin side of my cheese grater (a long straight blade). It slices and dices carots, zucchini, etc. into uniform width pieces and does so with more speed than my meagre knife skills could ever accomplish.

Obviously I am aware of the danger that open blades pose. More so now than ever. While slicing up a zucchini, I managed to get too close to the blade and took off a square cm of flesh from my right middle nuckle. It cut so deep that there was no skin remaining and I could see the veins in my finger, just under the surface of a thin veil of tissue. Gross. Also, bloody. After gushing out a few vital pints, the red tide slowed and appears now to have tapered off to a light trickle.

Highlights of the night: my roomate walking into my bathroom to find my sink and countertop covered with blood, the subsequent “what the hell happened discussion”, the “to ER or not to ER” discussion with roomies and the lovely nurses at 8-1-1 (BC Health Link), and after all this had subsided… the delicious lasagna that I managed to finish despite the obvious obstacles.

Time to slurp down some water, gobble up some red meat, and make my way to bed.



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