The Dream of Movement

I returned on Saturday from my brief sojourn to LA and passed out due to some combination of exhaustion and heat stroke. Sunday was dedicated to recovery. I initially wrote this post as a summary of my trip (i.e. a day-by-day account) but I was growing bored by around 9:30 on Friday so I started again. In lieu of a recap, here are 3 highlights of my trip.

1) I got the opportunity to catch up with some old college friends whom I had not seen in 2 years. We grabbed lunch, spent a bit of time in Westwood, and then headed to Venice beach to soak in the AMAZING weather (28*C, glorious sunshine, and clear enough to see the Hollywood sign from the airport).

2) I spotted celebrities left and right (whatever… I am certainly not cool enough to be jaded to this, despite the 4 years I spent in the city of Angels/Angles). Over three days, I saw the guy from Office Space (i.e. Berger from Sex and the City) walking across Wilshire, DJ/Electro Artist Moby at a trendy cafe in West Hollywood, the tall nerdy dude from Legally Blonde at the Grove, and the new (and admittedly inferior) Ren McCormac (Footloose!) on the boardwalk at Venice Beach. B-Listers FTW.

3) I presented at a conference. It went well! My talk was well received and seemed to stimulate a fairly interesting debate (without too much criticism). I was interested to learn that the norm in other fields (i.e. not in Political Science) is to read your conference paper out loud… direct from the page… with no AV materials. This was really strange but helped explain why they insisted that my 25 page paper be cut down to 6 pages (let’s just say I had my way with the margins and font size). Anyways, a good experience all around.

That’s all folks!


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