some thing that c(&sh)ould be said

Life is really tough sometimes. But things would be worse if we were living through a zombie apocalypse. I don’t mean to marginalize your pain. Or my own. But it is probably worth mentioning that failure and disappointment and sadness just do not measure up to pure terror and having a limping, mangled man eat your brains.

I found a penny lying in the street and bent over to pick it up. I had no real intention of spending it and I don’t believe that pennies bring luck. I just wanted something to do with my hands.

When people catch me watching them, as they and I so often do, I blush and look away. Maybe I should start waving. After all, they may have been looking around with the hope that someone was watching them, noticing them, intrigued by them. Chances are that I will just continue to blush and look away.

I have been trying to convince myself that a half eaten box of chocolates is a more meaningful and sentimental gift than a full/uneaten box of chocolates. After all, I bought the gift with the intention of giving it away and was caught in a moment of weakness by its seductive sugary innards. Accordingly, the fact that I resisted temptation about 70% of the time (thus leaving the majority of the box intact) should be a testament to the recipient of the half-consumed gift. So there.

Comfortable lounge pants are an underrated blessing. We should all be so lucky.

I had a dream and promptly forgot it. Later, while chewing my way through a dense and calorie-filled book on regression models, this came to me:

Three faces turn towards the east
throwing hollow echoes of a long forgotten room
where standing down became an act of war
and in the west
where laughter twists through redwood boughs
until all that remains of together
is the overlooked box behind a favourite chair
the hastily scribbled letters
the sweet smell of lavender
the worn-down copy of Howl
but not ever the feeling of flying

I cannot help but wonder… was the poem my dream?

Receiving good news can be terrifying. It forces you to think about the future, to re-evaluate the past, and to work more ferociously in the present. On the other hand, you can toast to good news with champagne, share your elation with loved ones, and cease your obsession with the mundane and temporal. Good news renders all your thoughts cliché. Good news is also better than a zombie apocalypse.

[this post inspired by this website]


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