I was right! And other, other thoughts about being googled!

Well, for once in my life it turns out that I was right. A few weeks ago I posted that someone had arrived at this blog by searching my full name (including middle name) and that I hoped-against-all-hope that the person at the keyboard was a potential graduate advisor trying to scope me out before sending a “congratulations, you were admitted email.” A few days later, I received an email from my dream school that essentially amounted to “we like you, we really like you.” I promptly called my mother, burst into happy/slightly hysterical tears, and then made my way through my phonebook in a quest to brag without seeming like I was bragging. I failed on this last item. I think I might have told my barista on the day I found out…. and really, I still have this urge to run through the streets shouting the school’s name. After my visit to DREAM SCHOOL in late March, I will probably slip a picture of me wearing the school’s colours into this blog… I find it hard to imagine a day when I will not be absolutely thrilled at the prospect of studying there.

The bottom line: if you are applying to graduate school, starting a blog may be a good way to get a little advanced notice on life changing emails.

In other news, I have now written 1.5 pages of my 35-50 page thesis. This doesn’t seem like a lot but I write quite fast and I have broken through the “introduction writers block” which I somehow find essential when preparing a paper of this length. I know that many people draft a paper by writing it in sections but I generally start at the beginning, make my way to the end, and then go back once the whole thing is done to make corrections and clean it up. Interestingly enough, this is also how I blog… except without the “going back and correcting/cleaning”… this probably explains a lot.


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