My Life Through My Mom’s Lens

It has been a busy couple of weeks. I have been thesis writing, water polo playing, statistics teaching, movie watching, and graduate school offer accepting (okay, that last thing only happened once). Anyways, I have been too tired (arguably lazy) to come up with a good blog post so I have mostly been putting up photos. Today’s contribution — photos of me and mine at my college graduation and final Pac 10 Championships taken with my mom’s camera (and mostly by my very talented mom). Sometimes looking at photos of happy people can be a cathartic experience and I hope it is for all of you.

Crossing the Stage

I did it! P.S. That piece of paper is NOT my actual diploma...

My parents are awesome.

My mentor is also awesome!

My bestie is very definetly awesome! Also, much more glamorous than I am...

Glad to finally get out of that ugly sauna they call a graduation gown

I love this happy picture of my dad (I loaned him my cap and flowers for a while)

Obviously this pic was not taken by my mom. That being said... look how intense I look!

Mmmmm... Gatorade

Rowing is baller... don`t let anyone tell you different!

Look. You try wearing baby blue spandex in a photo where you have to stand in front of everyone and the boat... ya... thought so. Anyways, a picture of my crew & our boat (we asked Coach to name it the Destroyer and she did so as a Pac-10s gift!)


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