Tiny Countries Love Academic Progress Goes Clunk

Perhaps my favourite part of blogging is checking my WordPress Stats and seeing where my “fans” are. I put sarcasm-quotes around the word “fans” because there are really only 3 general reasons people read this blog: (1) you are my mother (2) you are a friend or (3) you searched something completely random and google conspired to send you to the least useful blog of all time. That being said, I do get some pretty interesting traffic. The prizes this week go to searches from two of the tiniest countries on the WordPress map: Luxembourg and Trinidad and Tobago. So naturally, I am devoting this blog post to these two countries.

Luxembourg: welcome. I know little about you except that you are part of the Benelux acronym and seem to have won an unlikely battle to get the most letters in said mash-up. I may have been within your borders sometime in my misbegotten youth, but this is rather unlikely. According to Wikipedia, you rank 170th out of 196 world countries ranked by size. That is rather twee. Your motto (also according to the interwebz) is “We want to remain what we are”… and I respect that. Still, change can be good. Just a thought.

Trinidad and Tobago: I was first introduced to you by an elementary school teacher of mine who hailed from your sandy shores and celebrated her culture through the playing of calypso. If others are not aware of what calypso is… shame on them. You are actually two small islands in the Caribbean and Chris C. (he who sailed the ocean blue in 1492) “encountered” you back in the good ol days. I find your flag satisfying simple to draw (mmm… straight lines) but your coat of arms is baller and very intricate. Sometime in the near future, I would like to go here and slurp this out of one of these.

So, there is my ode to two of my new favourite little countries. High fives from Canada!



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