Deja-vu, or how sentimentality has ruined me for the real world

I have written before about my childhood indoctrination into the cult of the happy ending. If I am perfectly honest with myself, I will admit that not much has changed since those early days. I still stay up late watching sappy RomComs, I still skip forward to the end if i am worried that a book wont end happily, and I am still convinced that everything will come up dasies in the end. All of this says a lot about who I am… And probably explains (in a melodramatic/eccentric kind of way) why a line in a movie I watched tonight brought back some unusual deja vu and struck me as frustratingly familiar. “at some point I even thought… Soul mate.”

And this got me thinking: are we at our most honest when we are feeling dramatic, or at our least? The answer shouldn’t matter to me as the relevant situation has long since passed from “now” into “then”, because I have found no reason to look back but plenty of reasons to look forward, and because the person probably doesnt remember saying the words that remind me so much of the movie line quoted above. On the other hand, there must be something to learn from the vagueries of our past experiences… Even when remembrance is brought on at the most inconvenient times.


In less maudlin news, I received my graduate housing offer last week and have accepted my spot in a single bedroom with private living room and semi private (shared with one other room) bath. Here is a picture of the building I will be living in that I took while on a trip to my future school.


Not bad, eh? That is a shot of the inner courtyard, complete with magnolias in bloom. Perhaps I will sit under that tree next year and gaze wistfully at the clear blue sky and think of stars crossed and other mysteries from the past.


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