Thoughts on Island Living

After much planning, my weekend trip to our second home went off without a hitch. We (myself, Old friend J, and program boys – K and R) headed out on Thursday evening, caught the last ferry, and arrived on the Island at 9:30pm.

FRIDAY: we spent a large portion of the day exploring Fiddlers Cove and East Point. Some highlights included a rock climb that turned out to be much more challenging than expected (with no option of turning back), a run-in with a precocious river otter, scrambling up goat trails, tidal pools, and sea lion symphonies (loud!). That evening we ate roast chicken and salad, roasted marshmallows, played cards, and lounged about in our onesies.

SATURDAY: on Saturday we went for a hike on Mt. Warbuton Pike (fun with rhymes) that turned into a crazy 4 hour loop along a cliff face, through a birch forrest, and eventually back to the car. Afterwards we considered going swimming but copped out at the last minute when faced with the pacific ocean in all its icy glory. Instead we laid out on the rocks and soaked up the afternoon sun. Dinner was a plate of Saturna nachos courtesy of yours truly, and a rapidly consumed apple pie that i baked up with the help of J who sliced the apples once I peeled them. We topped things off with a 3km night hike and some star gazing on the shore. The night was warm and clear with uninterrupted views of the canadian and american coastal cities and the gorgeous coastal mountains all the way out to the olympic peninsula.

SUNDAY: after two days of heavy hiking, the boys were ready to do what boys do best – sleep. J and I headed out for a rambling hike around the forrest and hills surrounding my cabin and found our own little patch of heaven after climbing up a sun drenched rock overlooking the swamp lands. On our way back we were treated to a tour of a recently built yurt-style cabin down the road and I chatted with some island folk that I have known my whole life. Upon our return, we sat down to a wholesome lunch of salad and cheese light but jalapeno heavy quesedillas and whiled the day away with reading, napping, and sun bathing on the deck. Dinner consisted of chicken skewers, bbq-ed yams, potatoes, and left-over salad. We wrapped things up with marshmallow roasting and a few final rounds of the zany card-game, “skip-bo”.

MONDAY: With a 6:25am ferry to catch, I was up at 5 to pack up the house, wake the boys, and clean up a bit. We were first to the ferry terminal which stirred a bit of resentment but guaranteed we made our reservation. The ferry ride has gone otherwise smoothly and we are now approaching Tssawassen Terminal on the mainland.

All-in-all a successful trip that I hope to repeat later in the summer.


3 responses to “Thoughts on Island Living

  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend on a little patch of paradise…green doesn’t start to describe my feelings

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