24 Truths for 24 Years

In celebration of my 24th birthday, here is a list of 24 things about me as of May 17th, 2012. Some are odd, some are relatively unknown, all are true. In no particular order…

1. I love fresh mozarella cheese.

2. My new birthday tradition is to swim my age times 100m. Today I swam 2400m and felt great.

3. I make a real effort to say thank you and smile on a daily basis. My friend Leah served as the inspiration for this when I was 19.

4. I cry at the end of even the sappiest of movies. Seriously… I might have even teared up during The Avengers (tears of joy, Joss).

5. I am a big graphic novel reader.

6. I really like pub quizes and try to do one every week to keep my trivial pursuit muscles working in the event of an unlikely “quiz or die” type scenario.

7. My cat is arguably my best friend. She has a moustache, loves me unconditionally (if love means following me around, purring, and waking me up at 6am for food), and likes sleeping and eating.

8. I still remember most of the words to Molson’s rousing “I am Canadian!” song from when I was a pre-teen.

9. I think Rick Mercer is a national treasure and would probably faint with joy if I met him.

10. My mom is my rock and has more good sense in her little finger than there is in the entire Canadian Parliament. We drive each other crazy but I wouldnt have it any other way.

11. I like the tang and texture of pickles but cant stand garlicy ones.

12. I finished my MA the day before my 24th birthday and am still on track for operation PhD-before-30.

13. I believe in my friends more than I believe in myself. They are wonders and the joys of my life.

14. I learned 3 big lessons this summer in Malawi – dont eat the salad, use long road trips as a form of closure, always make friends feel important.

15. I dont like the city of Copenhagen but I do like challenging myself to make the most of an imperfect or stressful situation.

16. I enjoy owning eclectic art.

17. Learning to accept my height and wear heels because I am young and they look awesome was harder than getting into graduate school.

18. The smell of shore pine sap reminds me of sunshine and everything good in the world.

19. When I was little, I totally idolized my brother. He was bigger and faster and smarter. Truth be told, things havent changed much. Dr. D is going to be an awesome physician one day.

20. I wish my dad would still read childrens stories to me sometimes. He always did the best voices and his rendition of “waiting for the thursday boat” is epic.

21. I was afraid of butterflies until the end of university. Truth be told, I still think they are a bit creepy.

22. Someone once brought me salt water taffy because she read on a list like this that I like it. Accordingly, it must be said that I like attractive and intelligent men with a passion for international travel…

23. I fold paper when I am bored or anxious. My next big project is to make a sonobe ball larger than last year’s 2-day, many-hour 90unit monstrosity.

24. I still havent seen a wombat in the wild. The dream lives on!!


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