Book Review 6/30 – The Queen of Sinister, Mark Chadbourn

The Queen of Sinister is the second book in Mark Chadbourn’s “Dark Ages Trilogy”, a series of books set in a post-apocalyptic United Kingdom several years after modern society has collapsed after the re-emergence of mythological creatures. Reviewed here, The Devil in Green (Book 1 in the series) centers around Mallory and Sophie who are revealed to be “Brothers and Sisters of the Dragons” – a legendary group of 5 that emerges “when necessary” to fight evil threatening the “Fragile Ones” – human beings.

This book picks up where The Devil in Green leaves off only it is set a few hundred km away and features an entirely different set of characters. The protagonist’s name is Caitlin, a GP whose mind fractures into 5 distinct personalities early on in the book. I don’t want to give away too much but the rest of the novel centers around her quest to redeem herself after a massive tragedy and also to cure a horrific plague that is sweeping through the population with Black-Death like symptoms and Ibola-esque speed.
Though I enjoyed the story in general, I didn’t really empathize with Caitlin until she went “berserker” somewhere near the middle of the story. Something about female characters going crazy and kicking ass just resonates (erm… is there something wrong with me?). Anyways, this book has a larger “fantasy” element than The Devil in Green, mostly because it is set almost entirely in the mythic fairy-land.

The most disapointing element for me was that Mallory and Sophie (see: here) do not appear in this book (so don’t get excited for a continuation of their story) and there is not a clear or endruing connection between The Devil in Green and The Queen of Sinister with the exception of some vague plot elements. Still, I give this one a B- and put it on the “read for series completeness” list.

Up next: The Hounds of Avalon.


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