Music to Travel, Music to Come Home

1. Hey Rosetta – Young Glass

This song is perfect from the first note to the last. I have probably posted this video here before and I will probably do so again. Amazing lyricism and beautifully presented emotional range in this Watch Listen Tell video.

even though – i thought i was – all alone – i was wrong
even though – i thought i was – all alone – i am not

2. Bon Iver – For Emma Forever Ago

A good way to get ready for travel is to watch people wandering around in a city. Fatal flaw in this reasoning (insofar as it pertains to me) is that I am watching Bon Iver wandering around in Montreal. I might be wrong but Montreal and Wellington have little in common. Whatever, this song rocks.

Running home, running home, running home, running home…


Those of you who live in Vancouver and like going to movies at the Burrard Theatre will know this song as the soundtrack to the Donnely Group’s new adds. Don’t get me wrong, I find the Academic and its clone-bars as absurdly repetetive and un-cool as the rest of you but this song was stuck in my head and I had to seek out the band. What can I say, I like it! Insofar as this relates to travel/coming home… sailing!

Sail! Sail! Sail! Sail!

4. Aidan Knight – Jasper

It is hard to release indie music in BC without the support of Dan Mangan – this I have concluded. He seems to constantly pop up in music videos and then BAM the song is all over the peak with much love from the Vancouver population. In the case of Aidan Knight’s Jasper, I think Dan should have stayed at home… his voice somehow doesn’t work with this song (note: this is just my opinion… I still love a good Dan Mangan tune! Please don’t crusify me interwebs!). Anyways, I still love this song and its still a good “coming home” tune for a lifetime BC denizen such as myself.

Came up to the water
Put my feet into it
Bathed my heels in Jasper
Felt the sand give an inch

I also included the album version for your audible enjoyment (the video is admittedly not as cute).

5. Sam Roberts – Bridge to Nowhere

I had (okay… have) a huge crush on Sam Roberts when this video came out. The long hair, cool swag, and round sound just did (do) it for me. This song always makes it on my travel playlists.

You’re on a bridge to nowhere and you’re getting there fast.

6. Said the Whale – This City’s a Mess

I made a point earlier of talking about Dan Mangan’s habit of guest starring in the music videos of BC bands so I have deemed it necessary to provide a second example of ¬†this flagrant (and in this case, Awesome) Vancouver musical nepotism. This is a great song and Dan’s oh-so-cute visage peps up the furry-party scene portrayed in the vid. It is relevant to this list because… it’s in Vancouver! Do you know how I can tell? It is all about the gigantic hedges that seem to strike awe into the hearts of all Van-City visitors.

Talk about the year gone by, ain’t it such a shame how time flies.

7. Hey Ocean – Big Blue Wave

A fairly important Vancouver band (insofar as they helped the city define its unique sound) playing a song off their new album on the edge of a cliff in a forest… how BC is that! Definitely a song to come home to.

Our love is like a big, blue wave.

8. Paper Lions – Travelling

A fun song from a PEI band that puts on a pretty fun live show. I am not sure why the quality of this video is so bad… don’t blame me.

Travelling come to a tavern for a momentary rest
I see the old man that I passed on the road in his distress
As I turned to go I can hear him say, “Son, stay. Have a drink, I’ll pay.”
Let bygones be gone, it’s all in the past, we raise a glass.

9. Dan Mangan – Basket

He’s had some guest spots on this list. Now … the man himself playing a song that reminds me of Vancouver at its best. Or me at my best.

So I’ll go but I’m telling you I don’t want to go, could be stuck here and happy.

10. City and Colour – Comin’ Home

An awesome song by an awesome band. I’m sorry to you Alexisonfire fans but Dallas Green has done his best work as City and Colour. Also, and this is going to make me sound like the worst kind of ponce, I remember listening to this album on the inter-webs back in high school and thinking I was some kinda cool for knowing a band pre-formal release. Take me home, Dallas!

Well I’ve been down to Georgia
I’ve seen the streets in the West
I’ve driven down the 90, hell I’ve seen America’s best


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