Craftology: Jewlery Board

After a bike ride that went horribly horribly wrong (first in 6 years so you can imagine what happened when I came to a tight turn lined with spiky bushes), I spent a few hours hanging out on the back porch of a friend’s place in East Vancouver (hip!)

While washing the blood off my arms (look… biking is not THAT easy!), I noticed a really cool board hanging in her bathroom. To describe it inadequately, it was about 12 x 20 inches, wall-mounted, covered in a cool bird-print fabric, and had dozens of nails sunk about 1/4 inch into the surface. She was using it as a Jewlery board (as was no doubt intended by the maker) and I got insta-envy. The next day I started thinking about how I could assemble my very own Jewlery board, inspired by the piece I had seen in E’s house.



STYLE #1 – pre-fab bow, stripes made with bias tape & elastic

STYLE #2: stripes made with brown ribbon


  • 3/4 inch thick plywood (cut to whatever size you prefer)
  • Nails (use rust-proof ones if you are concerned about that)
  • Fabric (I recommend cheap fabric or scraps that you happen to have lying around… For style 1 I used the remainder of a piece of fabric that had been used by my mom to make me a dress. For style 2 I used some bolts waxed chitenje fabric that I bought in Malawi)
  • Decorations: In both of these styles I used pieces of bias or elastic to “dress up” the fabric and to provide additional jewlery hanging spaces… these additions are 100% optional
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 4 Tacks or very small nails (1/2 inch long or less)

1. I made the base of the board with 3/4″ thick plywood that I bought at my friendly neighbourhood Home Depot. It was about 12$ for a 24″ by 24″ board that I had them cut as follows: 1 piece 14″ by 21″, 2 pieces 10″ by 12″ (so basically they cut the board at 14″, cut the smaller piece in half and cut 3″ off the larger piece. The cutting was all done for free in the back.

Note: you can buy finished pieces of pine at the Home Depot for about 1/2 the price that they cost if you go to michaels… shop smart & craft cheap!

2. I covered 1 side of the board in batting (that stuff that usually goes inside a quilt as padding (very cheap) with about a 2 inch overhang so that I could fold it around to the back on all sides. Glue the pieces down on the back using a hot glue gun (do not put glue under the front as it will distort the smoothness of the finished product).

3. Cut your fabric about 2 & 3/4 inches larger than the board on every side. Iron the fabric flat & press the fabric over about 1cm on every side (as though you were going to sew it down. Wrap the board & hot glue down the fabric on the back.

NOTE: As with the batting, it is better if you do not put any hot glue on the front of the board as this may distort the final product or seep through the fabric.

4. If you are using ribon or elastic to create criss-crossed effect, cut lengths of the ribbon and glue at the back of the board. If you are using a small mirror (can be purchased 5xsmall square for $3.45CAD or 1x large round for $3.45CAD at michaels), decide where you are going to place the mirror and make sure not to hammer in any nails in this space.

5. Drive nails into the board about 1/2 an inch. Make sure not to drive the nails through the board and be very careful when using the hammer lest you flatten a much-needed finger or toe. You may want to spend some time deciding on a pattern for the nails. I made a few mistakes and it wasn’t easy to correct them (holes in the fabric = not cute).

6. Attach the mirror using lots of hot glue or heavy duty double-sided mounting tape.

7. Hang up your jewlery and admire your work!


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