How To: Fix The “Black Screen with Cursor” Problem

Computers can be the most marvelous things in our lives – they connect us to a wealth of information, allow us to streamline hundreds of everyday tasks, and have forever changed the way that we interact with our environments. Then, one day, you turn on your computer and get a dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” or an unexpected virus or a laptop full of coffee and it feels like the world has come crashing down around you. Good thing we also have that handy-dandy laptop to get us on the web and searching for a solution to our BSoD/virus/caffeinated beverage related issue.

Does this look eerily familiar?

Today I turned on my desktop and was met with an unexpected sight and no site I could cite was even slightly helpful. Accordingly, I flipped on my generally sound powers of deduction and fixed the issue in less than 2 minutes. I strongly recommend you try this first:

Step 1. Turn OFF your computer.

Step 2. Turn ON your computer

Step 3. Hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete and wait until the CMOS Setup Utility Page opens – it will look something like this:


Step 4. Scroll over using the arrows and select whatever variation of Load Fail-Safe Defaults that appears on my screen.

Step 5. Select Save and Exit Setup or hit ESC and save your changes. Your computer will now give you a boot menu that looks like this:


Step 6. Select Safe Mode. Allow your computer to start up (sign in if necessary) then Restart your computer.

This may very well be the best way to reboot your computer from this Black Screen of Death if you don’t want to go messing around with the motherboard. That being said – I am no computer expert… just a friendly graduate student passing on advice about a method that worked for me with very little fuss.

Best of luck!


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