How To: View Two Excel Documents Side-by-Side

This “How To” was designed to be used the PIs on a project that I am working on but it is useful information if you have two data bases that contain paired information but you do not want to go through the often error-prone & always time-consuming process of combining them.

This tutorial shows you how to view two databases side-by side in Excel and how to use the information in one to find the paired information in another.

Note: Click on any image to see it in full-size. All data contained in the following images is the result of research work by me and is the property of the PIs on my project… do not use it unless you have written permission.

STEP 1. Open both spreadsheets

Master Spreadsheet

Secondary Spreadsheet

Step 2.  In the “Master” Spreadsheet (in my example, the first one created & the one with more information on the cases of interest), click on Arrange All in the View Tab

Step 3.  Select the window arrangement that you prefer (Note: I always use Horizontal as this places one spreadsheet above the other and does not force me to scroll side-to-side as much to view information in a table) and click OK.

If you selected Horizontal, your spreadsheets will look like this:

Step 4. Now you can use Ctrl-F on key variables to find where the data matches up. For example, if I wanted to find out more information about “CASE OF POPOVA v. RUSSIA”, I will:

1) Copy this case name from the Secondary Spreadsheet

2) Click on the Master Spreadsheet, hit Ctrl-F, paste the case name in the Find What box and hit Find Next (or press Enter).

The final search should yield something like this:

So now you can easily look at both spreadsheets at the same time and have access to the maximum information available in the database.


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