“We have no INTELLIGENCE! I repeat, we have no INTELLIGENCE” – America in Malawi’s “The Nation”

The above quotation is from the once popular, now largely forgotten film – “Team America, World Police“. The directors – Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Pam Brady, all of South Park fame – so hated actors at the time of filming that they made the movie with marionettes (string included). Today’s feature on Malawi’s major newspaper – The Nation – features two articles that made me giggle, at least in retrospect. First – the headline that inspired the title of this blog post:

Note the almost too-perfect juxtaposition between the headline and the overtly simian shot of then-President, George W. Bush. The first article is from 2002, mid-way through Bush’s first term and the second article is from a bit earlier the same year. You can’t help but be amused at the difference in Bush’s expression in the two photos:

In other news, I rustled up a photograph of that daily breakfast that I wrote about in my previous post. The delicious jam bun featured here was less than 40 cents and was all kinds of yum. As for the thermos – I have created something of a tradition whereby I take a Thermos brand thermos to Malawi and then leave it with someone there – first with our cook who was able to bring soup to his sick daughter and second with my co-worker/boss who had admired my ability to transport warm tea or coffee to the office each day.

Nom nom nom… so good!


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