From Saskatoon with Love

I woke up on Friday morning at 4:30 AM, said a long and very heart-felt goodbye to my beloved cat, and set off to drive 5000KM from British Columbia to Connecticut. The trip was riddled with complications from the beginning, many springing from the fact that – until my SSHRC funding arrives in September – I am pretty much flat broke. Still, on Friday morning, I set off without incident (seriously considering smuggling my cat cross-country does not count) and arrived in Revelstoke, BC around noon. Here are some comments about my trip so far, in no particular order.

(more thoughts on the Canadian Heartland in my next post)

1. Trip PlanĀ  – To date

Vancouver Revelstoke 6.75 566.7
Revelstoke Calgary 5 416.5
Calgary Saskatoon 7.5 629.6

Note: all of these times are estimates… it may have taken me more or less time.

2. I miss certain aspects of driving in Malawi – the biggest of which is the way that people signal to each other on the road. Turn-signals (indicators) can be used to notify cars behind you when it is safe to pass, flashing high-beams usually means there is a cop stop up ahead, and honking is how you express gratitude after passing and how you let people know you are next to them. In Canada you fly by the seat of your pants and people seem to go out of their way to inconvenience you when you are trying to pass or trying to drive the speed limit etc.

3. It sucks when you spend hundreds of dollars getting your car checked out & fixed, only to have the check engine light turn on after 1500km of driving. Sucky, frustrating, and a bit depressing. Cross your fingers for me!

4. I am listening to a full-cast, audio-book, BBC version of the Lord of the Rings with Ian Holm and Bill Nighy… it is pretty darn excellent so far and is making the time fly.


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