once more unto the breech, dear friends

I arrived in New Haven, CT on Friday at about 4:00pm. To get here took:

  • 5000km of driving
  • 2 years of waiting and applying and waiting some more
  • thousands of dollars in application fees and moving costs
  • hours of stress and anxiety and joy and elation and more stress

Such are the costs of applying to and attending graduate school. And now – the pay-off begins. I am so excited to start exploring my new home, meeting “the cohort”, attending courses at a darn-fine institution, and preparing for my eventual return to the field as an actual doctoral student (read: working on my very own project!).

I made it! (and I brought a little bit of Vancouver along with me…)

Thus far I have not accomplished a huge amount, mostly because my time has been filled with unpacking, furnishing my “apartment”, and wandering around in a post road-trip haze. I have spent a bit of time with a new colleague whose interests are very similar to my own (though in an entirely different part of the world). I was fortunate enough to catch her as I entered my new housing complex and after some chatter, I managed to recruit her to the “moving my stuff upstairs” odyssey. We had a beer that evening to celebrate and capped off a busy weekend with a trip to Ikea, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, and Whole Foods in the morning. Fun fact – it IS possible to fit an entire life into a 2001 Volvo S40… you just have to remember to leave room for all of the people who came in the vehicle!

Here are a few remaining pics from my road trip and a few of my new abode:

Quatchi and a dear friend in Revelstoke with some big bears

My favourite cafe in Field, BC… possibly the only cafe in Field, BC. Note: if you are driving through, you must stop for the greatest muffins in Western Canada.

Entry door to living room, coat hanging system, fireplace, art & photographs!

Closet & dresser (all unpacked), new Ikea bedside table (or stool… depends on how you look at it!), and my bed complete with the quilt that I purloined from my mom (she made it… so impressive!).

My sweet new Ikea chair. This could be the most comfortable seat on the Eastern seaboard.

Desk & Mini-Fridge & GO CANUCKS!


2 responses to “once more unto the breech, dear friends

  1. looking good..love the Canucks jersey. see your jewellery board is in use. Watch the chair…remember Dad in our old one!! Please email me some photos too…rugs?

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