In the Waiting Room – An Interview with Myself

Me: What is the “Waiting Room”?

Myself: For the past week (arguably the past 3 months), I have been a constant denizen of the waiting room of life. My PhD unofficially starts tomorrow (it “officially” started on Friday with our matriculation ceremony) at which point I will plunge face-first into classes and find myself burried under a 6ft stack of books, assignments, and desperately worded emails. Conversely, or the past few weeks, waiting has been the name of the game.

Me: So, what have you done with your time?

Myself: Orientation activities have kept me quite busy since I arrived in New Haven 11 days ago. Aside from formal and often pedantic lectures about international student status, graduate school requirements, and academic honesty (note: pedantic but also necessary and expected); I have also been involved in a variety of social activities ranging from tennis lessons, late-night movie screenings (Back to the Future? Sign me up!), and meet-and-greets along the graduate school pub-circuit.

Me: Have you enjoyed yourself thus far?

Myself: Thoroughly! Yale student status permits one access to a stimulating academic and cultural environment. My previous educational experiences have been overwhelmingly positive but nothing has prepared me for this place and all that it has to offer its students. What’s more, everyone here seems to understand what an amazing experience we have been granted and all are eager to take full advantage.

Me: What does the near future hold?

Myself: Aside from the work (classes, research, etc.) that brought me to Yale, I think the future is one of limitless possibilities. Tomorrow I may spend the day reading at the stunning Sterling Library or I may have a drink at GPSCY or I may eat Thai food and wander around campus in wide-eyed wonder. The day I may attend a class taught by a nobel laureate or find a perfect tree under which to study (Gilmore Girls reference, anyone?). At some point in the future I may head over seas to study a new language or attend a conference on advanced statistical methods or run a marathon. What is amazing to me is that none of these things are out of reach here and that everyone has the potential to find their place – in the classroom and in the field, in New Haven and in the world at large.

Just waiting around for something to happen…


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