Music – I’m Listening to THIS Today #9

Blackalicious – Make You Feel That Way

Eugene McGuiness – Those Old Black and White Movies Were True

Today is a musical double-header – Blackalicious’ “Make You Feel That Way” because it is uplifting and Eugene McGuiness “Those Old Black and White Movies Were True” because it is the musical equivalent of the dumb smile that has been plastered on my face since I arrived at Yale.

First, Blackalicious. This song makes me feel that way – hopeful, bright, optimistic, and excited. It makes me want to run a marathon, talk to my family and friends, dance madly through the night, and write something amazing. Hope it makes you feel just as good!

And then, Eugene McGuiness – criminally underappreciated and perpetually badass. McGuiness crafts songs that are strange and edgy but with a clear pop influence that is just plain infectious. His song “Monsters Under the Bed” never ceases to amuse me. This track is slow and creeping and makes me feel even more silly and dopey than usual. I like it very much.


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