Movember – Lady Style

Hey all, it’s Movember! You know what that means… it’s that special special time of year when all men become just a little bit more attractive by growing out their facial fuzz in weird and wonderful ways. Yeah, I said it. I like a man with a mustache. More importantly, this is a time of year when we can all think about the many good souls lost to cancer (specifically prostate cancer) and raise a little money to find a cure. Find out more here: (or here: if you aren’t Canadian)

“But I’m a lady! And mustaches are so 1950’s circus-performer” — fear not, lady friends. If you want to support the gents (in the hope that they will support us come ovarian cancer month), you have options.

1) You could grow a leg-stache. This essentially involves cultivating your leg hair in a very specific way. I am a bit freaked out by leg hair so I have vetoed this option… but I encourage you to try!

2) You could trim other body hair into a mustache. The less said about this here,  the better. I will allow your imaginations (and your esthetician) to fill in the details.

3) The finger-stache is a fine time-honored Movember tradition. You can see from my photo below that mine is filling in nicely.

Whether you chose to grow a lady-stache or  donate to a man-friend’s noble effort, I encourage everyone to get involved in this awesome month-long event. Let’s kick cancer’s ass!


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