Canada! STAT!

Yale may occasionally be a roller-coaster of impossible assignments, excessive reading, and academic pressure but it does offer a few welcome surprises – the most recent being a full week of vacation around American thanksgiving. To celebrate, some international friends and I decided to head up to Montreal for a few days. For them, this was a way to spend a holiday that holds little emotional significance (two germans, a french guy, and a swiss girl). For me, it was an opportunity to drive up to the border and return to the motherland (albeit, the french speaking part).

We arrived Sunday afternoon and stayed until Tuesday morning. Below are some highlights of our trip.
1. Pizza in Vermont – who would have thought that a random roadside town in Northern Vermont would have delicious pizza. We stopped for a half hour to stretch our legs and fill our bellies.


Petite Ollie was particularly impressed by the many seasonings available to us!

Lots of love!

Vermont gas = cheaper than CT gas

2. Arrival in Montreal and the novelty of being able to read the speed off my speedometer rather than my GPS

Montreal! Look… things in French!

3. Exploring the city

A, C, Petite Ollie, and J soak up the sun

Tiny children tethered together. What could be better?

McGill University

The boys play

Smoked Meat at Schwartz’ (ps. order a pickle… they are AMAZING)

Montreal’s answer to Science World (sorry, Telus World of Science)


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