Back in the Motherland: a facilities review of my parents home

Coming home is great because it affords you the opportunity to spend some quality time with family and friends in an environment that is familiar and welcoming. That being said, my first thought upon waking this morning was not to hug my parents or to call my friend, G, who I have plans to eat lunch with. No, my first thought was “water pressure!”.


Let me explain. I live in an old – some might say oddly dilapidated – building on Yale’s campus. It has its perks – proximity to my department and the graduate student centers, lots of friends within spitting distance, and a charming Hogwartsy-feel. It also has its downsides – fickle outlets, clanking heaters, and a complete absence of hot water pressure. I’m serious, I get a lower flow rate than your average kitchen sink… its like showering in a barely condensed fog. Now that I am back in the casa of my parental units, I have been treated to facilities that – in their relative modernity (the house is actually comparably old but was recently renovated) – are absolutely delightful. For example:

– water pressure: having the shampoo washed out of my hair in less than 10 minutes is pretty miraculous!

– a kitchen: it’s the little things in life… like being able to wash your cereal bowl in the kitchen sink (rather than in the bathroom as I have become accustomed to doing)

– a queen sized bed: I’m a pretty tall girl (probably a bit over 6 ft) so being able to stretch out after 4 months on a twin mattress… there are just no words.

– central heating: okay, we have this in New Haven too; however, at home it doesn’t sound like an angry goblin is trying to smash his way out of the pipes at all hours of the day and night.

– silence: largely brought on by the absence of undergraduates celebrating the end of finals week outside my window!

– cat: cat is the best. She is currently curled up in my bed looking very cute and very sleepy.

So there you are, a rundown of the superior facilities and features of my parents’ house. Hope everyone else is home (or heading home) for the holidays and having a splendid time reconnecting with their cities, families, and pets.


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