Ruminations on Being “Home for the Holidays”

During my seemingly endless trip back to Vancouver (oh how I long for the days of 3 hour flights from LA!), I had a lot of time to think about going home for the holidays. Two feelings stand out:

1. Excitement – Friends, family, yuletide cheer… my cat’s oh-so-adorable paws. What’s not to love. When I think about going home, my first feeling is excitement. Tomorrow I have plans to eat brunch with mom and sister-in-law, lunch with one of my best friends, watch the Hobbit (finally!) and probably go out for a drink in the evening. And this is only the beginning of my favorite holiday during my favorite time of year.

2. Anxiety – Let’s just say I am no stranger to this particular emotion. The first thing I worry about is boredom brought on by idleness. What if I don’t have as much to do here as in New Haven? My second – much more illogical – source of anxiety is brought on by abandoning my Yale life for 3 weeks. What amazing things will happen while I’m not there? Will my friends forget about me? Obviously these are mostly irrational fears.

So how do I feel now? Well – things are pretty great. I’m lying in my room with my cat curled up in my lap giving me as much cat-love as a 17-year-old geriatric can supply. My whole family is home. My dad is holding his much renowned lab Christmas Party (imagine: tipsy graduate students and an overabundance of festive spirit. I am really looking forward to tomorrow and I’ve had a pretty good day today.

For now I leave you with the words of the miscreants downstairs – we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!


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