Thoughts on Going/Leaving Home

My winter vacation is coming to an end and I have mixed emotions about it. On the one hand I am looking forward to seeing my friends, catching up on work (I still have and exam to finish on the law school calendar), and getting back into the fast pace of life in New Haven. And this term I have a lot to look forward to! I am going to my first “real” conference, will be heading out on some spontaneous hiking trips, am already booked for lots of shows, plays, etc. and will be finishing up my first full year as a PhD student. On the other hand, I am leaving behind my old friends, my cat, my parents, my brother and sister in law, and the comforts of life at home (namely my cat falling asleep on my arm while I write blog posts). There’s also Vancouver itself to miss – mountains and the ocean a stones throw from my stoop, great food and shopping, and the smell of evergreens.

So which side wins? Well… the jury is still out but I hope the New Haven side wins out because in a few days I will be boarding that plane come hell or high water (although I am fairly sure I have cancellation insurance in the case of high water). So here’s a list of 10 things I want to do in the next 4 months – not resolutions per-se, just plans and plots:

1. Go to the theater more often – 10$ tickets to world class plays should be motivation enough!

2. Try to eat in the dining hall every day – Last semester I got to the last week with 75 of 150 meals remaining. The meal plan is too expensive not to spend.

3. 5$ movies – 5$! What else do I need to say. They should be called “grad student movies”

4. Snowshoe – I have the gear, I have the will, I can put my powers of persuasion to work convincing friends to join me on and off the trail.

5. Swim – the pool is so close to me and once I move I may lose the will to use it.

6. Row – part of my game plan this semester is to try rowing (on a strictly recreational basis at first) again. People have suggested this may be a bad idea given my back problems. We shall see.

7. Sing & Play Guitar/Uke – it makes me happy and its a great way to spend some time.

8. Try out new restaurants – I have lived in New Haven for too short a time to be stuck in a foodie rut.

9. Read more consistently for school – I know I would be better off with a slightly more spread-out reading/studying schedule and I think putting aside a set number of hours every afternoon might be the key… Maybe it’s time to treat grad school like a 9-5 job rather than a 9-11 life-killer.

10. Blog more often – but only when I have something worth talking about. My “layman’s computer advice” seems to be fairly popular so I will work on developing more posts along the lines of this one.


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