Snow Storm, Work Out Playlist, and Weighing in on Dropping Weight

Snow Storm

Most of you probably know that New England was hit by Winter Storm “Nemo” on Friday. I woke up on Saturday morning to 34 inches (almost 90cm!) of snow in New Haven and a 6 ft drift outside my friend P’s front door. We made the long trek back to my house where I decked myself out in all my new winter gear (see – this post) and headed out to frolic immaturely in the snow. I particularly enjoyed my forays into urban snowshoeing!

The storm did slow things down around campus for a few days (class was canceled until this morning) but it was honestly nice to take a break from my routine and just kick-back for a while. I got a lot of pleasure reading done and am now ahead in most of my courses since our schedules have been pushed back a week.

Here are some photos of the big storm that I took with my lame camera phone.

1. The view from my friend’s window on Saturday morning. That’s his CRV at the bottom of the frame… completely swallowed in a drift.

2. My friend makes some “McGiver” gaiters out of plastic bags. Thanks go to my mom for giving me this idea (although I have actual gaiters…)

3. My awesome snowshoes got some love. Sadly I have no action shots because the wind was INSANE and I didn’t want to damage my phone by pulling it out in a swirling ice storm.

4. We escaped by climbing over the bannister since the “way out” was blocked by a seriously intimidating snow drift.

Work Out Playlist

Inspired by my favorite Radio DJ – CBC Radio 3’s Grant Lawrence – I have recently been playing around with my own version of “Sweating to the Indies“. Here are some of my favorite work out tracks in no particular order… I tend to listen to them on shuffle anyways.

1. Passion Pit – Take a Walk

Great way to start a workout… I don’t know why but this song seriously pumps me up. Great rhythmic baseline.

2. Passion Pit – Carried Away

Another great tune by a band I have listened to a LOT recently. A little more electronica but really peppy and fun. Good for getting through tough speed intervals on the treadmill.

3. Metric – Gold Guns Girls

Rocky, poppy, metric-y? This song has a killer chorus and – added bonus – feeds off my angst on days when I feel particular ire towards the opposite sex. Whatever it takes to get through a tough workout, eh?

4. Hollerado – Juliette

A perennial favorite. Pretty sad message but the baseline really gets you moving.

5. We Are Scientists – The Great Escape

Warning! This song has a really fast beat. You may give yourself a heart attack. Still, it’s killer if you are doing speed intervals or just working harder than usual.

6. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River

Yeah… cause this song is just bad ass and occasionally encourages me to start dancing in the gym. Get those hips swaying!

7. Awolnation – Knights of Shame

“Dance baby dance like the world is ending.” – What more needs to be said?! Great mix of pop, electronica, and hip-hop.

8. Oh Land – Sun of a Gun

This song has been with me on 3 different continents and it has proven itself capable of simultaneously jazzing me up (probably just made up that expression) and relaxing me mid-workout.

9. Dropkick Murphys – Shipping up to Boston

Yeah, I know this one is a bit of a stereotype but it works for me. Generally I’m pretty “campy” when I work out (lots of mantras etc…. though never out loud) so campy music gets me where I need to go.

10. Glue – A Lot to Say

I like that this song counts down for me… means I don’t have to look at my watch for 4 minutes.

Weighing in on Dropping Weight

Although it is not my only objective, part of why I am so committed to working out 6x a week is because I want to lose a bit of weight – ideally 10lbs. I am starting to wonder if this is an achievable short-term goal. It has been 4 weeks of extensive exercise and moderate dietary management (that is to say… I’m eating about 500 kcal net less than my recommended intake). Nothing much has happened in that time insofar as my weight is concerned. I might have even put on a tiny bit of weight.

On the other hand… I think I look trimmer and I know I am substantially fitter (50-60 minutes of hard cardio is quite easy now). I know that my lifestyle as it is will be quite sustainable but I think restricting my caloric intake further (I don’t want to be hungry all the time) or exercising more (only so many hours in the grad student’s day) would not be. I guess I just have to keep working hard and hoping for the best. Perhaps I should integrate some more weight lifting into my regime, eat more protein, and try to cut more fat from my diet. Thoughts? Advice?


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