Josh Ritter @ Terminal 5 & Getting Back on The Wagon

This past Saturday I headed in to NYC with P to see one of my favourite musicians – Josh Ritter – live at Terminal 5, a venue in Hells Kitchen. Due to sheer madness on the Metro-North line from New Haven to NYC, I was forced to drive into the city. This proved fairly easy and stress free until the actual “into the city” part. Basically we arrived roughly “on time” and then spent 50 minutes driving 6 blocks and looking for parking. Luckily I had read the tickets wrong and we actually showed up with time to spare. I really enjoyed the concert (my third time seeing Josh Ritter Live in 8 years) and P (who in all fairness was very tired to begin with) was very supportive when I went through a minor nervous breakdown in traffic.

In other news, after a week long break, Payne Whitney Gymnasium has re-opened for business and features some marked improvements – namely a whole bunch of new cardio machines in the fitness center. I have actually been off my game for the past 2.5 weeks after injuring my back doing dead lifts around the beginning of finals week. The bigger disaster (everyone needs some time off the gym every now and again) was the markedly downward trend in my diet as I compensated for finals stress by gorging myself on homemade bread and candy. Well… that’s all going to change now. I swam 2500 meters (a birthday tradition of mine is to swim my age X 100m) today, have been more conscious of what I’m eating, and plan to head back to the gym this afternoon for some stretching, core work, and maybe light (well supported) lifting. Having lost (and kept off) 10lbs since the beginning of the year, I am going to call this phase 2 of my full-body-toning plan. The goal is to lose another 10-15lbs, put on some lean muscle mass, and take control of my life!

Here was my “before” photo from January:



And here is my Phase 1 After/ Phase 2 Before:

me and A

I think I see a difference…!


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