Stress Pavlova

I am studying for my comprehensive exams right now and with the test less than 7 days away, the pressure is starting to get to me. One of my favorite ways to de-stress is to bake and today was no different. After studying for most of the day, I decided to put together a traditional Pavlova as inspired by my mother (the greatest pavlova baker in the world!). Sadly I do not have my mom’s recipe here – and also I epically fail every time I try to recreate it – so I used the one from season 2 of Australia’s Masterchef (a show I have been obsessed with ever since my brother’s wedding last year in Sydney). The recipe is here and some useful tips about the science behind the “yum” can be found here. This pavlova is very different from the one my mom makes both because it is taller (my mom’s is thinner) and because it has a lighter/fluffier marshmallow inside (my mom’s is chewy and amazing). Both are pretty good but I was actually able to recreate this one whereas my mom’s is unattainable. Here are some pics of my work.

IMG_0204 IMG_0210



3 responses to “Stress Pavlova

  1. You always make a good de-stress pavlova. You made such a nice one when I was freaking out over my thesis defence last year. 🙂

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