“Binge Writing”

Coding, coding, all day long
Until I found my code was wrong.
For half an hour I checked each line,
Searching for a flawed design.
And though I tried to quiz my friends
I still was left with odds and ends.
Bits of code that did not fit
For nowhere was the answer writ.
Today I wasted hours to find
That LaTeX makes me lose my mind.
Gorgeous weather notwithstanding,
This working day was quite demanding.

But as the sun draws shadows thin,
I find myself a happier Lynn
‘Cause after all, it’s only code!
A stumbling block upon my road.
So here’s a chant to end this rhyme
It should be spoken double time:

Don’t give up when grad school’s tough
You’ll make it though – that’s sure enough
Stats and lab and all those papers
Aren’t enough to give you vapors
You’re tough and strong and doing well
Your eyes are bright and you’ll excel
So face this work with new resolve
Your skills will grow and you’ll evolve
Until you’re coding with the best
And R is just a minor pest
After all, things aren’t so bad
Though Grad school’s drivng you quite mad
You could be searching for a job
Or fighting off an angry mob
Your friends are fun, your weekends free
And someone’s offering the third degree
So stop this silly nonsense verse
When you delay, your coding’s worse!
Now focus on the task at hand
Even if the work is bland.
Make your parents mighty proud
And shed that gloomy grad school cloud
T’is time to finish up your work
Before these rhymes drive you berserk!
You’ve no excuse not to succeed
If you start now, it’s guaranteed!


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