I started blogging around 2010 as a way of sending non-specific updates to my friends and family as I traveled around Malawi as a research-assistant-for-hire. After returning from Malawi in September ’10, I kept up with the blogging in a half-hearted attempt to chronicle my life as a graduate student in Canada. 2 years later (one year more than it was supposed to take me to polish off that MA), I still send out the occasional (sometimes daily, sometimes monthly) post in the hopes that those reading keep reading for one of three reasons: (1) you love me lots [hi mom!], (2) you are brushing up on something I have randomly elected to write about [mostly – Malawi, books, or the glamorous life of a TA], (3) you have plans to attend graduate school and are trying to work out just how crazy studying for a PhD will make you. Whatever your reason, thanks for tuning in!